It looks much more that it cost.
It feels as good as it looks.
It sounds as good as it feels.
KZ-T10 vs Sony WH-1000XM3
(Sound comparison over Bluetooth)
First of all let’s talk about the price which is most concern over the hardship of the pandemic.
(USD85-USD96 / RM340-RM380)
Sony WH-1000XM3
(USD180-USD270 / RM800-RM1000)
Note: price may differ base on sales season, different country, different online platform etc etc.
First to cool feature to notice.
Volume control KZ-T10 have this cool geared knob makes you feels like you are cracking the safe box
Going back and forth testing comparing both for hours, at time I have to take a break as I can’t tell which I am wearing anymore.
In short KZ-T10 does manage to catch up against of sound quality with Sony flagship headphone.
Jazz band
I notice KZ-T10 feels like vocal more above your forehead more intimate for vocal eccentric songs and I love the way it sounds.
Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You.
Well… everything sounded very festive with jingles & tambourine.
Noticed KZ-T10 drum snare sounds more punchy which bring me to the next test on drum and bass genre music, will Sony holds up to its Mega Bass legacy?
Young MC - Bust A Move
Bass & Drum sound almost the same quantity on both headset but surprisingly bass drums kicks harder, punchier & more texture on KZ-T10.
So let’s go do some EDM to further dig more.
Jean-Michel Jarre - Glory
(EDM genre)
Ok I am convince now the bass are more tighter and punchy on KZ-T10.
From this I have also learn that good Bass not only rumbles in low frequency but also important to have texture which KZ-T10 did.
Lover’s Concerto - Kelly Chen
(Female Vocal song)
KZ-T10 Sounds super sweet and I am having goosebump at times.
Comparing to Sony finally I notice Sony have sharper treble.
The vocal sounds further in its width on Sony and again the vocal sound nearer in front of you on the KZ-T10
KZ-T10 are priced at 2-3 times lower than Sony’s WH-1000XM3.
- Sony more cleaner sounding.
- KZ-T10 more mids/vocal contributing it to be more exciting sounding.
- KZ-T10 better tighter punchier bass aka sounds fun.
- Quieter sounding on Sony’s WH-1000XM3 as the soundstage sound more further but more engaging fun listening on KZ-T10.
- Sony have their own apps to control and enhance feature like EQ etc but I always prefer playing music without launching another app.
- Probably I would say Sony is more polite sounding and KZ-T10 more engaging listening experience .
- Sony is lighter mostly plastic parts.
- KZ-T10 more metal build giving a more luxury premium solid feel.
- I prefer the lushful mids of KZ-T10 than the Sony.
- KZ-T10 weight more in sacrifice with its solid build (I drop it and all good 😮‍💨)
- ANC mode (active noise cancellation mode) not much different than Sony.
- Ambient Mode (meant for listening to music while aware for your surroundings) pretty magical feeling hearing the sound of TV dialogue in my music, I was confuse for awhile. Also very magical to hear my gf nagging to the cool beats of my music. 
- Earpad KZ-T10 more firm and thicker and more deeper compartment so you won’t feel the surface of the components touching your ears like my Sony does.
- Earpad shape KZ-T10 rounded edge kind of square, Sony more oval. So if you have ears like Star Trek’s Spock then sorry as either Sony or KZ-10 can’t help you, “long live & prosper”
- Bluetooth connectivity works flawless.
- Lastly I super love the volume dail control around outside of the driver unit. Love the feeling of cracking safe like Army Of Thieves.
End of the day would like to remind you, I am just a curious music lover
I am not a sound engineer who goes in depth with Graph, number and audiophile terminology.
My ears, your ears and others hears differently, born differently also don’t forget different age range effects too
My sharing made for general view in too technical and in-depth.
What do I think of one of KZ’s first Noise Cancelation Headphone?
Its definitely worth its priced 2-3 times lower and having the sound experience close to or on par or some says better (my gf says and she is usually very honest on that ) than the famous Sony WH-1000XM3.
I love the KZ-T10 sound signature than then Sony’s.
Look & feel more premium than Sony’s.
Price wise with the newest Sony WH series… KZ-T10 is the winner with more engaging sound and premium looking.
For more serious music listeners, KZ-T10 sound signature been such would also benefit more potential when using cable to headphone amp/dac compare with Sony’s.
To not drag thing any longer, battery life and standard function like “play, next, Noise cancelling modes, Bluetooth connectivity etc etc” nothing much significant to compare. All works good.
KZ-T10 who is it for?
People who wants to experience great engaging sounding headphone for a start.
People with budget constraints definitely benefit from it.
During my work routines I did manage to let’s few people try the KZ-T10.
These are their words
- “wow sounds really good”
- “Seriously? it only cost that selling price”
- “Oooooh ”
Equipment used.
iPad Pro & IPhone 13 Pro Max. (On Bluetooth connection)
Apple Music.
Tidal (Hi-Fi)
KZ Official Store
Thanks KZ Earphones team for sending me to clear my curiosity for this comparison.