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CCA DUO (Buy now and get an automatic discount of $10)

From $39.00

Buy now and get an automatic discount of $10! At the heart of the DUO lies its impeccable professional acoustic signature, made possible by its 7mm + 7mm dual-dynamic driver configuration. Unlike conventional 10mm dynamic drivers, this powerful combination brings forth finer resolution and richer sound details. With each driver independently designed to play a...


From $11.00

10mm High Performance Dynamic High Resolution Acoustic Sound Quality 3D Design Metal Face Cover Ergonomic Design For Comfortable Wear   High-definition microphone   


From $29.00

D-Fi is designed with a standard version and a tunable version.Standard version has an accurate and balanced frequency response tuning. Tunable version can achieve 16 different sound styles by adjusting the toggle switch to meet the different needs of more users.Q: What is the difference between these and normal earphones?A: D-Fi has a tuning function,...


From $28.00

KZ ZVX using 10MM dual-cavity ultra-linear dynamic as earbuds internal drive, Earphones shell using lightweight alloy cover construction all-metal cavity.KZ's new electronic frequency modulation technology can be integrated control from ultra-low frequency - low frequency - medium frequency - high frequency - ultra-high frequency, the full frequency range of precise control adjustment, it can be...

KZ Ling Long linglong


Ling Long in Chinese means mini and exquisite. The dynamic driver size adopted the micro dynamic technology, and the overall design is also mini design as well , that’s why it called Ling Long. Q: How to pay?A : We support credit card/PayPal payment Q: How long does it take for the package to arrive?A:...



HIFI should not be defined by price - KZ EDCX EDCX is intended to correct two hot and almost useless product gimmicks in HIFI circle, which are respected by a number of so-called well-known brands. The picture has a light reflection, the product is more translucent and clear.  


From $18.00

Our warehouse will automatically add freebies when we ship! Product Name: CCA-CXSProduct Type: Dynamic IEMPin Type: 0.75 mmCable Type: 120±5cmPlug Type: 3.5mmFrequency response: 20-40000HzImpedance: 16 ΩSensitivity: 109±3dBMusic Type: Bass Jazz PopMicrophone: HD Microphone  

CCR LYRA In-ear Earphones

From $17.99

CCR LYRA In-ear Earphones The stars are vast and mysterious,they look dark blue. But the colors of the stars are only visible light projections. Our spirits also have stars, dream and enthusiasm are our visible light, bring us hope and strength. So does the HiFi music with infinite healing power . That's why CCA star...






KZ EDA(Balanced version)



pre sale will ship after May 18th

KZ EDX ultra



From $29.99

Product model : CRA+ Earphone type : Dynamic earphones Pin Type : 0.75mm Cable Length : 120+-5cm Plug Type : 3.5mm Frequency : 20-40000Hz Lmpedance : 23.5Ω Sensitivity : 111dB+-1dB



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