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VXS Pro is equipped with the high-end Qualcomm flagship Bluetooth chip 5171, which boasts powerful performance with approximately 105dB signal-to-noise ratio. It supports features such as anti-interference, fast connection, and stability. Additionally, its advanced chip manufacturing process results in an ultra-low power consumption of only 4mWh. It also supports 10-level DSP sound effect gain adjustment with...


KZ Castor


From $14.99

Black-Harman target with improved Bass White-Harman Target Edition


CCA Pianist



The black and white piano keys at the flick of a finger, rising and falling, produce extraordinary sound quality. The creative inspiration of CCA pianists is derived from paying homage to the classic film "The Pianist on the Ocean," with the intention of returning to the original aspiration, distancing from worldly clamor, and fully enjoying...





🎵 Unleash the Power of Wireless Freedom with AZ20 Ear Hook 🎵 Cut the cords and embrace wireless convenience without compromising on audio quality! The KZ AZ20 Qualcomm QCC5171 Wireless Ear Hook is the ultimate companion for music enthusiasts. Powered by Bluetooth 5.3 and Snapdragon Sound Technology, it delivers zero perceptible latency, ensuring an unmatched...

CCA DUO (Buy now and get an automatic discount of $10)

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Buy now and get an automatic discount of $10! At the heart of the DUO lies its impeccable professional acoustic signature, made possible by its 7mm + 7mm dual-dynamic driver configuration. Unlike conventional 10mm dynamic drivers, this powerful combination brings forth finer resolution and richer sound details. With each driver independently designed to play a...

KZ Krila Hybrid Technology Tunable In-Ear Earphones

From $16.00

First 200 customers who place an order Free Shipping; Free Tax; Shipping within 24 hours; Delivery in about 15 days; One Year Warranty Service. Krila symbolizes the wings of freedom in the ancient language, which also represents our philosophy, and therefore we named it Krila. This is definitely a must-have KZ IEMKrila has a tuning...


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Q: What is the difference between Standard and Tunable mode? A: KZ AS24 Tunable mode has a tuning function, buyers can adjust the iem according to their preferences, for example, I really like bass, usually I will turn on four key of adjustment. Q: Is shipping free? Is there any tax? When will the package...


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1DD+4BA Hybrid IEM 8 switches to achieve multiple signature tuning 3D printing high-precision sound tubes cavity 8-strand braided silver-plated cable High sound insulation memory foam ear tips Products include shipping and tax, one year warranty. Q: Is shipping free? Is there any tax? When will the package arrive? A: We deliver free of charge, usually...


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D-Fi is designed with a standard version and a tunable version.Standard version has an accurate and balanced frequency response tuning. Tunable version can achieve 16 different sound styles by adjusting the toggle switch to meet the different needs of more users.Q: What is the difference between these and normal earphones?A: D-Fi has a tuning function,...


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KZ ZVX using 10MM dual-cavity ultra-linear dynamic as earbuds internal drive, Earphones shell using lightweight alloy cover construction all-metal cavity.KZ's new electronic frequency modulation technology can be integrated control from ultra-low frequency - low frequency - medium frequency - high frequency - ultra-high frequency, the full frequency range of precise control adjustment, it can be...

KZ Ling Long linglong


Ling Long in Chinese means mini and exquisite. The dynamic driver size adopted the micro dynamic technology, and the overall design is also mini design as well , that’s why it called Ling Long. Q: How to pay?A : We support credit card/PayPal payment Q: How long does it take for the package to arrive?A:...



KZ ZAR IEM Earbuds a role model in the Hybrid Technology ,1DD+7BA Full-Range Acoustic Configuration. Self-developed Low Frequency Magnetic Circuit Dynamic Driver 7 Balanced Armature of Medium and high frequency Electronic frequency division technology High-purity 8-strand silver-plated cable Improved Detachable Design Product :KZ-ZAR Driver Configuration: 1DD+7BA Hybrid Technology Impedance:16.5±3Ω Sensitivity:109±3dB Frequency: 20-40000Hz Plug type: 3.5MM...



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