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Memory Foam Ear Tips


KZ Original 3Pair(6pcs) Noise Isolating Comfortble Memory Foam Ear Tips Ear Pads Earbuds For In Earphone Headphones Red Blue  

In-Ear Earcaps (3pairs black)


In-Ear Earcaps For KZ Earphones Silicone Covers Cap Replacement Earbud Tips Earbuds eartips Earplug Ear pads cushion 6pcs/3pairs

6 Packs Replacement Memory Foam Earplugs Sleeves


  soft memory foam earbud tips; activated by body temperature, gives you a comfortable experience without irritation or fatigue. soft foam ear bud tips provide a perfect seal in the ear canal and pure audio with enhanced bass while eliminating the outside noise. squeeze the slow rebound ear tips before wearing, put them in your...



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