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KZ Ling Long linglong


Ling Long in Chinese means mini and exquisite. The dynamic driver size adopted the micro dynamic technology, and the overall design is also mini design as well , that’s why it called Ling Long. Q: How to pay?A : We support credit card/PayPal payment Q: How long does it take for the package to arrive?A:...



KZ ZAR IEM Earbuds a role model in the Hybrid Technology ,1DD+7BA Full-Range Acoustic Configuration. Self-developed Low Frequency Magnetic Circuit Dynamic Driver 7 Balanced Armature of Medium and high frequency Electronic frequency division technology High-purity 8-strand silver-plated cable Improved Detachable Design Product :KZ-ZAR Driver Configuration: 1DD+7BA Hybrid Technology Impedance:16.5±3Ω Sensitivity:109±3dB Frequency: 20-40000Hz Plug type: 3.5MM...



 The new generation of Qualcomm chip can easily realize high-speed transmission, low power consumption and stable connection. Totally immersed in good music.



 Bring a leapfrog upgrade to sound quality Magnetic gap generally refers to the distance between voice coil and magnet. The smaller the distance, the higher the conversion efficiency, and the lower the distortion. The magnetic gap of ordinary dynamic units in the market can only be about 0.3MM, while the new dynamic unit developed by...

KZ SA08 Pro


  8 Balanced Armature Drivers True Wireless EarphoneAudio ceiling in wireless fieldBorn to bring you a new listening experience



Dynamic Driver+ Balanced Armature Precise frequency division to achieve complementary acoustic advantagesPrecise frequency division to achieve complementary acoustic advantagesBy complementing the advantage of the middle and low frequency of the dynamic unit with the advantage of the high-frequency of the balanced armature unit, ZNA can output professional sound in the full frequency band.

6 Packs Replacement Memory Foam Earplugs Sleeves


  soft memory foam earbud tips; activated by body temperature, gives you a comfortable experience without irritation or fatigue. soft foam ear bud tips provide a perfect seal in the ear canal and pure audio with enhanced bass while eliminating the outside noise. squeeze the slow rebound ear tips before wearing, put them in your...

1064 Core Silver-Plated Upgrade Earphone Cable


 The 1064 Core Silver-Plated Upgrade Earphone Cable is high-speed and non-destructive signal transmission, makes high frequency more clear and increase more soundstage.provide you different feeling of music enjoyment, more clear, good. improve bass and mids,And light weight and pliable to ensure that wearing in solid and comfortable.Upgraded cable can prevents distortion of sound quality, and...


From $11.99

All components of CCA FLA have been strictly screened and tested repeatedly during R&D, to ensure the sounds layered structure between bass& sub-bass, mids& upper mids, treble &upper treble is clearly identifiable, and to achieve lower distortion for your music enjoyment.

KZ H10


KZ PR1 Pro


KZ has been developing its own planar units since last year, changing the traditional design ways and not relying on external supply chain at all. The main intention is to turn the joy of planar units, which only a few people have, into the joy of HiFi that everyone can easily experience. This time, we have made...



HIFI should not be defined by price - KZ EDCX EDCX is intended to correct two hot and almost useless product gimmicks in HIFI circle, which are respected by a number of so-called well-known brands. The picture has a light reflection, the product is more translucent and clear.  



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