Treble- very unexpected Kz AST

September 09, 2021 tonneyzhang 0 comment

Treble- very unexpected Kz AST
Kz AST 24BA. Not at all what I expected. $119
This has to be the most surprising iem I've tried recently. It's just so far away from what I expected to receive. The Kz AST has a really unexpected sound for me. I was expecting a v shape signature that focused more on treble, and a very detail monster type of sound. But what I got was an unexpected basshead sound signature. Holy cow.
Bass- Never have I ever, heard ba bass like this. I had no idea ba bass could be like Kz AST. I am extremely extremely impressed with the bass on these. It slams so unbelievably hard. Kz AST rumbles like a dynamic driver. But yet it's so tight like a ba. Quantity is pretty extreme. Kz AST's satisfying my basshead side quite a lot. Did you think the legacy 3 is bassy? No, THESE ARE BASSY.
Mids- cool! Vocals sound really clean. Not shouty. Detailed sounding. Very good. No complaints.
Treble- very unexpected. Kz AST's more smooth than ultra detailed. These definitely have somewhat of an early roll off like the legacy 3. Its detailed yet smooth, but lacks air.
Soundstage is average.
Overall, very good for my taste. Non bassheads might not like Kz AST. Definitely too much bass for the average listener.
For the price? lowest proce so far!!!Only one months.
I'm not sure if I could pick between these and the legacy 3. I'm enjoying the extra bass the Kz AST offers!

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