KZ's First Dual-unit Electrostatic&dynamic Hybrid Earphone

KZ's First Dual-unit Electrostatic&dynamic Hybrid Earphone



Sensitivity: 103dB
Resistance: 25Ω
Frequency: 20hz-40khz
Plug Type: 3.5mm
Pin Type: 0.75mm
Line Length: 120cm
Cable: Double line silver-plated cable
  • The music distortion rate even lower than balance armature.

  • Benefit from the high density sounds and Hi-Res audio performance of the electrostatic,ZEX with better vocal resonance , and louder & clearer sounds performance.

  • In the same 20kHz high frequency,  its sensitivity even better performance than Balance Armature.

  • The electrostatic transmission is much more stable, suitable for multiple combination with hig h frequency dynamic.

  • The better performance for Low-voltage electrostatic technology ,Quality consistency is much more stable than dynamic & Balanced armature.


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