KZ evaluation of foreign fans

KZ evaluation of foreign fans

We are reviewing the KZ ZSA, the latest budget release from KZ with a design and performance that exceeds a “budget model” label.

The KZ ZSA is one of the latest hybrid earphones launched by KZ this year. Differently to the KZ ZS10 and KZ ZS6, the KZ ZSA is born as a much more budget-friendly model, costing way less than the other 2 models.
The KZ ZSA features a dual driver setup with 1 balanced armature + 1 dynamic driver, this is the same type of driver’s configuration of the KZ ZST, KZ ES4, KZ ES3, KZ ED15 but KZ is stating that the KZ ZSA has a a new capacitive frequency division technology that smooths-out the interaction between the DD and the BA and makes use of a newly developed balanced armature – the dynamic driver of the KZ ZSA has a diameter of 8 mm.
The housings are built in metal with the same quality of the KZ ZS6. In fact, the general aesthetics have a strong legacy from the superb KZ ZS6 – they look somewhat like a “Mini Me” version of the KZ ZS6 but with curvier and smoother forms. The back plate of the housings have 3 vents and 3 screws.
The size and general footprint of the KZ ZSA have been dwarfed, in comparison to precedent models, even the angled cable connection has almost the same length of the earpieces; making the KZ ZSA the smallest hybrid earphone from the brand. As a reference we measured the KZ ZSA, KZ ZS6 and KZ ZS10 to give our readers a quick idea of the reduced dimensions of the KZ ZSA:
• KZ ZS6: 21×11.2×16 (mm)
• KZ ZSA: 17.7x8x13 (mm)
• KZ ZS10: 24×12.6×19 (mm)
The KZ ZSA durability feels outstanding with their aluminum alloy housings and detachable cables. The cables of the KZ ZSA are detachable and use the same bi-pin 0.75mm connector of all KZ earphones with detachable cables.

Some great news for owners of the KZ Bluetooth cable, KZ Silver-plated and KZ gold-plated cables is that they are all compatible with the KZ ZSA, so you can turn the KZ ZSA into a multi-driver wireless earphone by just purchasing the super affordable KZ Bluetooth cables.
KZ offers 2-types of cables connectors, a straight one (connector used in the KZ ZS6, KZ ZS5, KZ ZS3) and an angled one (seen in the KZ ZS10, KZ ES4, KZ ZSR, KZ ZST), the KZ ZSA uses the angled cable model. The cables provided are the same as every one included with all the 2018 latest generation of KZ earphones, with their dual double helix design, very rubberized coating and excellent anti-tangling capabilities. This cable is the exact same as the one of the KZ ZS10, KZ ES4, KZ ED15.
The KZ ZSA price will be lower for the mic-less version, but the price difference is minimal.
You can buy the KZ ZSA in:
• KZ ZSA red and black
• KZ ZSA space gray
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