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Original post by Will Ryzen
We all have our opinions about kz.
We know their past. We know them now.
But there's one thing I don't think many will argue. Kz has made some impressive progress recently.
Kz zas was one of the most entertaining iems I reviewed this year.
Cca ca16 pro refined the sound of the zas.
Kz edx pro did a single dd version of the zas for 10 bucks! HILARIOUS!
Cca nra implemented new technology and actually sounds really impressive at a low price!
Kz zex improves it even further!
Then the zex pro comes along and changes everything we thought we knew about kz, with completely different and impressive tuning! (Review soon)
And then there's this one, the cca cra. It looks a little weird. And they only claim one thing.
An ultra thin diaphragm.
I have no idea what the heck a "u" is. But I know it's a very small measurement.
Apparently a typical driver diaphragm is around 6u. These claim to be more like 3u. Does this affect the sound? I think it might? But what I do know is-
These impressed the hell out of me.
Right away, I was smacked in the face with some of the most ridiculous treble extension I've ever heard from any dynamic driver.
I literally yelled wtf, and my wife asked me what the hell is wrong??
Ive put quite a few hours on these now, and I'm ready to talk about them.
Firstly, before anyone asks. These are so much better than the edx pro. The driver is just so much faster, and is at a completely different level of quality.
So what's the deal with the cca cra.
Bass- strong yet lightweight. Super speedy. A very precise and snappy bass. It's extremely tight, and honestly doesn't present itself like a dynamic driver. It's almost like a ba but it extends much better than a ba does. It has good texture, especially in the sub bass. Quantity is moderate, a fair amount less than edx pro. Just below basshead levels. Very very remarkable bass quality on these.
Mids- clean as a whistle. Not congested. Airy. Very detailed. Not shouty in the upper mids like the dq6. Low mids are not bloated. Bass doesn't bleed in at all. All sounds well and in line.
Treble- WOW. Here's the S#!t. The amount of detail you get here is incredible. The extension is just crazy. Sounds above 12k are just so much more audible on these compared to the kz edx and many other iems really. I'm gonna need someone to graph these and prove the extension. Kzs provided graph shows extension to almost 15khz without any roll off.
If I told you it extends better than the HZ Sound heart mirror, you wouldn't believe me.
Well guess what.
Believe it.
Even though the sound signature is vastly different, with the cca cra being a mild v signature, and has much more bass than the heart mirror.
And do you want to hear the crazy part?? ITS NOT EVEN SIBILANT. AT ALL. Is this the perfect treble? Somebody needs to hurry the hell up and give a second opinion, because I sure as hell think so!
The cca cra will undoubtedly provide some satisfaction for the treble heads out there, as long as you don't mind a little bit of thump with it.
Do yourselves a favor, and have this experience with me. I gotta give a huge huge thanks to kz for sending these over, because I wasn't sure about them.
Also, to all the kz haters out there. Good luck disproving the progress kz has made for budget iems this year. These and the zex pro are so damn good you just simply cannot deny them. And if you do, you're either a total snob, don't understand the concept of price to performance, or simply a liar.
These are freaking epic.
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