“An entry to audiophile sound like IEM”
Is a cleaned up version of it previous successor DQ6.
Is a safe choice for people who loves listening to all sort of genre music.
If you are a user entering audiophile phrase this might suits you
(Btw, My definition of audiophile, a person who cares about how music sounds and how accurate it sounds)
A Quick Summary
As we have know we can’t have everything in an IEM to satisfied ourselves in every aspect, if you are a bass head or treble addict, there’s other KZ/CCA IEMs that excels in that specific area.
My personal favorite on the entry level range would be KZ EDX Pro for bass excitements and for shinning treble presence would be CCR CRA.
Despite being a V-shape sound signature, Listening to music at loud level is surprisingly not that disturbing. Everything sounds quite balance out (depending on the track mastering too of course)
Sound Definition one of the best I heard for gaming, other IEM sometimes I heard the BOOOOM and might cover other sounds I need to hear.
Here is the thing… the more you listen to it the more you will find it “hey! There’s something I like about this one”
Also this does reminds me of the Tin T2 but with better better bass.
All The Stars (Kendrick Lamar) bass sounds very heavy but it didn’t have any cracked sounding.
In Your Eyes (The Weeknd)
Moog synthesizer bass line and drum beats sound punchy. Who doesn’t like that?
MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This.
I can hear the Bass Rumbles cause by the lower bass frequency respond.
So it’s obvious till, if you don’t like bass then “U Can’t Touch This” 🤣.
Testing a number of vocal eccentric and quieter song I begin to realised remembering CCA CRA has higher trebles / highs and if remember well DQ6S sounds less wider than CRA but somehow DQ6S still manages to sound intimate for track that suppose to sound intimate.
I did once notice on a vocal track (Sweetest Recline - Beth Orton) the cello bass was too empowering at times.
For some slow sentimental R&B songs, bass sounds empowered, doesn’t feel sentimental or romantic for that case.
For acoustic songs the acoustic guitar strumming sounds crunchy instead of crispy.
So for vocal like Adele definitely a yes, for Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston higher octave singing… could be better.
Needless to say drum and bass passed with flying colors and I am curious on testing on rock guitar rift and distortion effects.
I Think We’re Alone Now by Robinoos: palm muting technique definitely sounds tighter due to the bass.
Smell Like Teen Spirit: alternative Guitar play style distortion sounds more crunchier.
Green Day’s - Basket Case: body of the wide distortion sounds quite natural with layers of reverb surprisingly.
Steve Vai’s For The Love Of God: I was expecting some recess of the lead guitar but still sounds like the guitar leading the other instrument.
Weezer’s Buddy Holly: Fuzzy Distortion Les Paul Guitar made me smile, the same feeling I had when I first listen to it in my pimped up Nissan Datsun, Fat Buzzy Fuzzy sounds of the 90’s
However I would imagine if there’s a little more treble peaks, that would sound more spicy on the guitars then again to some people might find their ears hurting.
Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back: I totally lost focus because from the intro the drum kicks and funky bass slap slaps me into euphoric state of mind, I am lost at words, such hardcore music has so much details on all aspects.
I should to be paying attention on the guitar part but was taken for a ride, screw the guitar as long as I enjoyed the whole track hahaha. I guess I failed to “take the power back”
If you have a DQ6S ever, it’s a must try track.
All & all I still enjoyed my type of rock music and it’s a YES for guitar lead tracks.
DQ6 vs DQ6S
DQ6 more treble
DQ6S more bass
DQ6S sounds smoother.
But apart from the different sound signature the new one somehow manages to sound more detailed “overall”.
In short it’s just like having an IPhone 5s over IPhone 5 😉
Missing that old skool treble peak on DQ6??? consider it a trade-off for comfortable & smooth long hours listening.
What I like about DQ6S is I can crank up the music without feeling annoying.
Summary, It’s not a whaam baam biing booom type of IEM but it’s still a Yes for me. It’s a keeper. It’s a good proper sounding IEM but not those type that you instantly like for the first time, it’s takes time to appreciate.
Pro - More relaxing listening, natural sounding, great defined quality bass, audiophile “like” sounding, long hour listening, fitting should fit majority, further modding this to suit personal taste won’t be hard. Fit quite a wide genre of music.
Con - for some people treble might not be sufficient, fin design might annoy “some” people, a few track bass is extreme for “some” who bass sensitive might not like it.
Should you buy one?
If you are new to the IEM hobby, would recommend you to try the entry level KZ EDX Pro & CCA CRA first.
If you had tried bass and treble eccentric IEM and for once you want quality of something more balanced, relaxing and natural sounding, then this is for you.
Many of you reading this would already be deep in the “audio hobby” (better word labeling you Audiophile 😉) but as usual “most of” my write up are aimed to a more general audience to get more people interested in this Chi-Fi Audio/IEM as many still think wrongly that all “Made in China is bad”.
Chi-Fi have opened up a whole new world and introduced me to a new saying of “Cheap & Cheerful”.
Let’s hope all in the group will have a positive and supportive attitude to bring more people in this Universe Of Madness yet not emptying their bank accounts, remember “Cheap & Cheerful” 😉
Gear used
Hardware Source: iPhone/IPad,
USB DACs: CX-Pro & Avani.
Streamer: Tidal, Apple Music & Spotify (note: using Spotify I can hear the differences 🙈)
Cable: Original stock cable and entry lever upgraded cable.
Eartips: Original stock white KZ Tips & Spring Tips.
$34.99 USD $31.99 USD
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