Are KZ earphones worth buying?

August 06, 2021 judyzhu 0 comment

Are KZ earphones worth buying?
YES!!! A few months ago I bought the KZ-ES4 IEM’s for $19USD. Wasnt really expecting much considering the price but the SQ has shocked me. Been a picky about SQ all my life, I've wasted money on many earbuds, headphones, IEM’s some costing 10x the price and these beat them all. My source is an LGV20 which is known for its audio capabilities. All my music is stored on the devices SD card. Files are either FLAC rips or high rez SACD DSD rips. Much of the music I know very well and have listened to on many different setups. For example, Pink Floyd which is a band known for its excellent recordings sounds phenomenal on the ES4’s, probably the best SQ I've ever heard. Maybe Im easy to impress but the answer from me is a definite yes, well worth buying.

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